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Operational Excellence


driving growth group assures that the organization of its clients is working efficient.

Defining a strategy-oriented operational structure with defined roles and responsibilities sets the base for a lean organizational structure. Within our operational excellence projects, we scoop our experiences and best practices on the market.

In order to sustain efficent an lean structures, we regularly check structures itself as well as processes and supplier landscapes of our clients.


What we observe

The speed of daily business often leads to complicated structures. Processes lack efficiency, reputed beelines have the risk to produce higher effort than expected and the organizational gets paralyzed.
Teams often work on a multitude of topics. But a lot of work doesn't necessarily mean more outcome. We have learned that up to 50% of projects our clients kicked off were lost in the organization. 

We know: Only a holistic organizational concept driver operational excellence and a critical success factor ir a project management office (PMO).


Questions that we answer within our projects

  • How to harmonize and optimize processes, interfaces and organizational structures?
  • Which organizational structure reflects not only operations but also the vision of a company?
  • Are structures and processes in line with the overall strategy and do they act rather as drivers or barriers for growth?
  • How can an idea cope with the complexity of implementation and actually drive market success?
  • Are supplier landscapes, price-lists, contracts and workflows in line with the claim and the objectives of a company? 


Our solutions

Marketing Efficiency: Sustainability audit costs, Sustainability audit suppliers
Organisation: Operational structure, Workflow management, Organizational structure 
Project management office, Organisational audit



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