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Marketing and Sales Efficiency


driving growth group increases efficiency and profitability in marketing and sales units and thus sets the base for sustainable growth.

Within our last 30 projects regarding strategic cost optimization, we generated savings up to 20%. 
Defining the supplier relationship in an efficient way, we are able to capitalize further potential - optimizung interfaces and workflows.

We empower our clients to quantify the return of investment (ROI) of marketing and sales investments. Combining quantitative and qualitative measures of both departments, we create a factbase for efficient and target-oriented budget allocation.

Our goal: Define a lean structure that drives market success.


What we observe

Marketing and sales budgets are not properly perceived by the market. Customer expectation is blurred and a lot of growth initiatives are not realized. The reason for this is not only the fact that budgets are shrinking. It's rather the fact that costs for internal organization rise and that real insights into the effectiveness of brand, customer and sales force investments are mostly missing. 


Questions that we answer within our projects

  • How to allocate shrinking budgets and still get more out of it?
  • How can a sourcing department add value in addition to tenders?
  • How can marketing and sales activities be measured in terms of market success?
  • Is there a way to compare marketing services from agencies? What are market benchmarks?
  • What is the impact of contracts, processes and interface management on efficiency? Which levers exist to optimize them?


Our solutions

Agency Relationship Management: Concepts (i.e. holding company), Contracts, Interfaces, Processes
Branding: Stakeholder Management
Marketing & Sales Excellence: Marketing Balanced Scorecard, Media Balanced Scorecard, KPI-Sync.
Marketing Efficiency: Strategic cost optimization, Benchmarking, Media agency selection, Creative agency selection,   
Tender support (print, pre-print,...), Print procurement tool®
Sales Efficiency: Sales force management, Optimization of sales organization, Sales audit, Value Based Pricing



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