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Growth Strategy and Implementation


We do resolve the main challenge for realizing sustainable growth – the gap between theoretical concepts and their translation in the day-to-day business – and thus set the course for mapping and realizing customer- and marketpotentials.

Our holistic approach – including vision, strategy and implementation – and the involvement of all relevant departments in the organization assure sustainable growth.
We support our clients to define behavior-bases customer segmantets, potential markets and a go-to-market strategy. 

We combine stand-alone data and transfer it into a holistic, uniform data system, which every department can access. Thus we empower our clients to objectivy decsions - on the same data.


What we observe

Over time, most companies loose market focus and are more and more driven by internal processes and expectations. Self-image and market perception differ widely.
Consequently, market potential remains hidden and competitiveness shrinks.


Questions that we answer within our projects

  • Why do growth concepts fail?
  • Which levers for growth exist on the market and how to capitalize them?
  • How to define the go-to-market regarding overall business objectives as well as marketing and sales channels?
  • How do different customer groups behave and which activities can be derived to increase sales?
  • Which market barriers do exist and how to tackle them??


Our solutions

Branding: Customer experience management, Gap analysis, Brand activation, Brand architecture, 
Marketing doctrine, Touchpoint management
CRM: Opportunity mapping CRM
Marketing & Sales Excellence: 360° customer profiles, Buying process analysis (mutlichannel), Opportunity mapping growth levers
Marketing Ressource Management: Budget allocator®, Smart dashboards®


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